P.hD Diary - the Beginning

1 minute read

Since this is a personal blog, I’ll try to do some stuff as a journal like as well. As you may notice I’m a P.hD Student also, and one of the thing that made me come again to the academia was the willing to study a little bit more things in the Entertainment area. I do work as a researcher now, but it is more for the Oil & Gas Field. They have a lot of interesting problems as well, but my dearest passion still resides in Entertainment.

What is my project? That’s a hard question to respond in less than one year in the P.hD. I’ve submitted a project to start working with Facial Animation using new capture techniques such as Kinect. Why? Well, I was looking into mocap research when I faced this article:

It is a 2013 Siggraph’s paper about realtime acquisition and avatar animation. The full paper is here. This opened my mind to the real state of the technology. We not only don’t need points anymore, but also has much more data to deal with.

The work is just in the beginning. My idea is to fill the blog with some of the stuff I’ve been researching and also exploring Tools and Techniques that I study.

See ya!