Hello World

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I think that I have no powers to overhelm such a big tradition, so…

#include <stdio.h>

int main ( void ){
     printf("Hello World!\n");
     return 0;     // Returns Safely =)

Why C? Even though I have been exposed to many others and generally work with another language I also come back to it. I had some friends at college that used to hate it, they say “That language that has that * also creeps the hell of me”.

For me it was different, dunno why. My first computer was a 386 that had a MS-DOS and a Windows on the top of it. I used to make all the windows tutorials over and over again, and then come back to the command line and learn the few tricks I studied. C always remembers be that, during that time, it was the basis of almost every thing. Nowadays it always remembers me that if I want something really fast and low level based, I should use it. I’m kinda of nostalgic right now.