The Big Change

1 minute read

So, it’s been 3 months since my last post in here. Right now I don’t have too much time to update this, but I’ll be back shortly. But, an explanation is needed.

Well, my life just had a big change, for good I hope. I always had a dream of working with digital games. I’ve been studying for a while. Did my bachelor’s, my master’s all in computer graphics field, which I think it is one of the ways to get in the industry. But then I forgot something, the country that I was doesn’t have a game industry well established. No matter what I studied I could not pay my bills working in games there.

That’s sad, but it is true. For a 200 million people country, games and technology weren’t the government priorities. There still some companies that stands out of the difficulties, make good games and stay alive alike most of them, but I could not rely on that anymore. For instance, I worked in 2 game companies during my time in Brazil. Both don’t exist anymore and in that time I got half of the salary of my last job as researcher in Brazil.

So I decided to make something really really groundbreaking, I quit my job, and came to Ireland. Why? because I could not look at this dream on my shelf anymore without doing nothing to accomplish it. Also, I could not risk trying to do this at my own country since it was riskier than doing somewhere else. That is somewhat nonsense for people outside Brazil to think, but for the ones that lived there, and know how greedy the government is, this move makes a lot of sense.

My idea is to make a Game Development course in Dublin ( where I am now ), boost my portfolio ( which was on hold for a while ), learn, work a lot, and have nice experiences. That’s something big for me. I’ve never lived in another country. And seems like a big risk for me as well. Well, sometimes changing is necessary.

Thanks for reading, and If you have a similar experience that you’d like to share, just post in the comments =)