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Some time ago I have decided to learn how to take photos. It started in a funny way. When I had my first trip out of Brazil, I told myself that this trip should have nice pictures. Since here, DSLR Camera’s are REALLY expensive ( due to the Government tasks on foreigner products ), I had to wait till get there to buy me a brand new camera.

I started with a Nikon 3100, the simplest model I have found ( and cheapest as well ). The funny thing was, I didn’t know how to use it properly. I spent some days reading manuals and tutorial in the internet, learning everything by myself.

Today, I have another camera, but the passion remains. I still read a lot of new techniques and still have a long way in this hobby, but I’m loving this kind of art and expression. I’d love to talk about it as well. I’ll let my instagram and page on facebook below.

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