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These last weeks has been very stressful because I had to prepare everything before my vacation. Seems a long long time since my last time off. When a mean time off, I mean the whole month without working, or studying, or writing, etc. A completely forced disconnection of the world around. Also, seems that the more you need it, the more you can’t do it. I’m not a freaking workaholic person, but I like to see new things, study and work more sometimes just for fun. Well, It has been too much these years.

To sum up, I came with a crazy idea 2 years ago, that I would make a dream come true. Since my childhood there was one place I always wanted to visit and see with my own eyes, and it is Japan. Well, seems like a not so important and hard task but, I remember when I was a kid the airplane fares were so expensive for middle class. I always liked their culture, comics, martial arts, and so on that I decided I would visit it at least once in my life.

I thought that planning a trip was easy, but it is as hard as earning the money to make it happen. These 2 years I’ve been looking for reasonable air tickets, train pass, hostels, and other stuff to close the package spending not too much and maximize the days there.

So, see ya guys. I’ll be back in a Month =)